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Ian Cheibub is a 20-year-old photographer based in Rio de Janeiro and a Media Studies student at Universidade Federal Fluminense. Passionate about telling stories, covers themes related to social issues, human rights and popular culture


He started photographing when he was living in Providence, Rhode Island, in the United States, where he developed a street photography project that resulted in an exhibition and in the publication of his first book, Juxtaposition.


Back in Brazil, he started to work for local wire agencies and took a course with João Roberto Ripper, a documentary humanistic photographer, who deeply inspired him.


He currently works as a freelancer for the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, for which he covered the presidential elections in Turkey and documents stories in Brazil. He also contributes for the German agency DPA, the Spanish magazine 5W and published in other media such as The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Revista Época, among others. At the same time, he is also developing multimedia documentary projects in Brazil.