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Ian Cheibub (b.1999) is a visual storyteller based in Brazil studying media at Universidade Federal Fluminense. In his work, Ian tries to understand what are the mechanisms that the people from the Global South develop to survive and how they empower their own narratives through cultural, political and social tools. He is also interested in how their/our reality is changed through this empowerment. As such, his areas of interest are related to human rights, religion and popular culture

Ian currently works covering stories in Brazil for international media outlets. His photo and video works have also been published on GEO Magazine, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, De Volkskrant, STERN, VICE, NRC, among other outlets.


In 2019, his project Jurujuba was named the Best Portfolio for the Canon Student Program, nominated for the Coup de Cœur Prize - ANI (Association des Iconographes) and finalist at the Paraty em Foco Festival. In 2021 he won the Ian Parry Scholarship with his long term project Golgotha, as well as a Gold in the CPOY competition. In 2022, he and other 9 photographers from Latin America participated in a mentorship program from VII Agency with Monica Allende.